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Bar girl (part 4)

Three years ago, bar girl philippine finally convinced him that bar girl philippine might tell if he did not stop. The abuse ended, but still bar girl philippine sluts in subic philippine was terrified when bar girl philippine was alone in the house or he was around, bar girl philippine says. Bar girl philippine starts to cry, bowing her head so her long hair philippine sluts in subic covers most of her face. Bar girl philippine only stops sobbing when the subject is changed to

education. Until this spring, bar girl philippine was in the equivalent of ninth grade.

philippine sluts in subic I like reading my books, all studies, all subjects, especially biology and math, bar girl philippine said, rubbing her hand across the

scars on her chin. My friends, classmates and teachers always philippine sluts in subic told me even though I have these (burns) , I´m an intelligent person.

Bar girl philippine has always wanted to be a doctor. But bar girl philippine set the dream aside in philippine sluts in subic February, when bar girl philippine and a friend ran away from

home and went to Manila.

It´s because I want to be independent, bar girl philippine said. Because somebody will damage philippine sluts in subic my life, my future and

specially my future.

Bar girl philippine and her friend got jobs as maids, cooking and cleaning for a family in Quezon City. They didn´t make enough philippine sluts in subic

money to survive, so after only a short time the girls decided to go back home.

I went back to my parents. They did not accept me anymore, bar girl philippine philippine sluts in subic

said. They did not know what was happening to me.

Bar girl philippine went to Olongapo, where her older sister lives. Somebody told her bar girl philippine could make easy money philippine sluts in subic working in the bars in nearby Subic. Bar girl philippine started working at the Fox Hole Club. Its walls are covered with U.S. military

insignia and fluorescent cartoons of soldiers ogling scantily-clad philippine sluts in subic women. Men stake out positions along the walls of the club, while bikini-clad dancers try to get their attention from inside a pen decorated with a giant, wooden phallus. After shift changes, dancers philippine sluts in subic snuggle up to the men who show the most interest, pawing their chests and thighs, then asking them to buy ladies´ drinks for them at inflated prices. If the men show interest, they philippine sluts in subic are asked to pay a bar fine for the woman´s company

until the next morning. Jane remembers an American named Peter who paid her first bar fine -- 600 pesos or $15. philippine sluts in subic

He said, ´Oh, you´re so young, so fresh,´ Jane said.

After he touched me, my (private parts) hurt. I told him,

´Are you using a condom?´ And he said no. philippine sluts in subic

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philippine sluts in subic